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Sat Apr  6 22:27:18 1996

The opening of the Soup Kitchen at the end of 1983 began with the desire to make the Hafenstrassese sore publically accessable and attempting to develop a Subculture, away fron commercial bullshit.

The Soup Kitchen grew out of the necessity of a space for a communal eating area, discussions, political activities, and individual exhibitions to take place in the Soup Kitchen; whether it was on a relaxed afternoon, or at a hot, tightly packed concert in the evening. Visiting bands brought information about their local scenes, towns, and country. Also at this time ifi was almost impossible for underground bands to get a gig in Hanburg other than in big commereial venues. So here a strong subculture was able to develop quite quickly. Door prices were very low and often solidarity fund raising concerts were held for other groups/organisations.

One night in Oct 1986 the Soup Kitchen was almost burnt out. This petrol bomb attack happened just after a wall mural was completed which expressed solidarity with 4 members of the RAF (Red Army Fraction). They had just died in prison while on a hungerstrike but under suspicious Circumstances.
One year as the Hafenstrasse was bursting with concerts and many visitors (many from other countries) it was decided to move the concerts outside. Large tents were put up in the spare areas between the houses. Over the days before New Year s Eve almost a thousand people were in the area. It was decided to have a Solidarity deno to the prison on the night of the 31st. so that the people would be in front of the prison at midnight. It was a very powerful deno with many flares fired into the night, with prisoners waving through the bars. Afterwards people returned to the Hafenstrasse. There was a long night of celebrations. This became a tradition which went on for some years. Since 1390 the police presence became too strong and demonstrators weren t able to get through to the prison.