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A20 Solidarity Action in Miami, Florida
by Justyn 11:03am Sat Apr 21 '01

Last night, in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Quebec, approximately 100 students, activists, and workers reclaimed a highly visible street in South Miami near the Shops at Sunset Place, a very large outdoor mall, home to NikeTown, the Gap, Banana Republic and more. Simultaneously, two 2-story tall "Sweatshop" banners were dropped in front of Niketown, while another, reading "no more prisons," was dropped from a balcony facing the grand staircase. shortly after, police arrived forcing the protest back on to the sidewalks, where a large crowd of mall shoppers had gathered. At this point flyers were distributed explaining why we were here, and what the FTAA was all about. Using a megaphone we also discussed how globalization and privatization affected us living in South Florida. Chanting, drumming, breakdancing, flagwaving, stickering and general partying followed. We feel this was a good start for Miami, and look forward to seeing you all in October when the World Economic Forum meets to further discuss the FTAA. Lots of pictures were taking as well as an hour or more of digital video, uploads to follow later today.

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