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by Rebecca Weston 2:47pm Sun Apr 22 '01
address: 204 Nevada Street SF, CA 94110 phone: 415-648-5621

Updates re: SF rally

In solidarity with the tens of thousands of protestors at the borders (San Diego/Tijuana; Buffalo, Vermont, Seattle) and in Quebec and Montreal, about 500 people (at its peak) marched through the Mission District in San Francisco, chanting "Human Need, Not Corporate Greed!" and "Amnesty for All, Tear Down the Borders, Wall by Wall."

The protest was filled with people eager to talk about how to fight Bush's corporate agenda and to build the anti-globalization movement. Speakers made the links between the international corporate demand for privization, deregulation and union-busting and local politics — raging against the PG & E bailout, gentrification and stock market driven layoffs. In short, the rally made concrete our links to the international anti-globalization movement!

The rally was spirited, extremely political — and entirely non-violent!


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