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Warzone in Quebec City...

Anti-FTAA demonstrations in Quebec City were marred by police riots. Law enforcement there made indiscriminate use of tear gas, plastic bullets, concussion grenades and water cannons against protesters, hospitalizing several. Summary of events: [ Global IMC | IMC-Print's Quebec City PDF ].

...but a good day in Portland

1500 people gathered in Pioneer Courthouse Square to oppose the FTAA and Fast Track. Trade unionists, students, forest activists and anarchists all gathered under sunny skies for a peaceful rally and march that was without confrontations or violence. At the rally there was music, spoken word and a theater piece. The theater piece was based on the game Monopoly - with human playing pieces and separate tracks for Yuppies and Indigenous People, all leading to solidarity and rebellion at the end.

With drummers leading the way, and accompanied by banners and giant puppets, the crowd then marched through downtown and across the Burnside Bridge. At each stop Radical Cheerleaders led the crowd in chants. The stops were Nike Town, focusing on sweatshops; the World Trade Center/Senator Gordon Smith's Office, asking Senator Smith to oppose the FTAA and Fast Track; Pope and Talbot, a lumber company that has sued Canada under NAFTA to force the export of softwoods; Made In Oregon Stores, protesting the inclusion of goods made by Oregon companies in Mexico; and Senator Ron Wyden's Office to renew the request for elected officials to oppose the corporate free trade agenda.


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