Participants of the 3rd Global Conference of
Peoples' Global Action

Cochabamba, Bolivia, September 16 - 23, 2001
Participants from Asia & Pacific

"God Made Us Thus", is a film on the social constructs and values of the officer trainees of the Administrative Academy. 1996. 31 minutes. English (U-matic) (with LBSNAA)
"Kuch Theharte Kadam", {Faltering steps} a film on Women's participation in Panchayati Raj in rural Madhya Pradesh, after the 74th Constitutional Amendment granting reservation for women in local self-government. 1995. 28 minutes. Hindi & English (U-matic) (with LBSNAA)
"A Nation in Exile", is a film on the Tibetan children in exile, living in foster-homes. 1994. 17 minutes. English (U-matic) (with LBSNAA)
Unheard Voices: "The Rickshaw Pullers of Mussoorie", a film on the inhuman practice of handpulled rickshaw. 1994. 28 minutes. Hindi & English (U-matic) (with LBSNAA)
"Dumka Ki Ek Kahani", {A story of Dumka} a film on the innovative rural initiative in a Santhal Tribal district of South Bihar. 1994. 36 minutes. Hindi (U-matic)
"Joy of Learning", is a spot on learning as part of living. 1993. 50 seconds. (Beta)
"Devdasi", on the age old religious practice of dedicating young girls to Goddess Yellamma and forcing them into prostitution; their journey from temples to brothel houses. 1993. 25 minutes. Hindi & English (U-matic) a television program.
"Angan Manch", {Forum in the courtyard}, is a film on women's participation in the literacy movement for self-empowerment in the interior villages of South Bihar. 1992. 28 minutes. English & Hindi (U-matic)
"Battle for Peace", a film on the Burmese students in exile in India made with them. Aug 1992. 30 minutes. English (U-matic)
"Manibeli", a film on the police repression and people's struggle in the 1st village of Maharashtra State to be submerged by the controversial Sardar Sarovar Dam: Manibeli. 1992. 43 minutes. Hindi (U-matic).

PGA Conference, Cochabamba
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