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list for intercontinental debates and information
As a means of communication, the mailing list (subscribe: or visit is being used as an intercontinental list. There have been decisions to close the caravan99 list.


There are actually three PGA in Europe lists, plus a new list for the next PGA conference in Europe:

The 3 lists are:

actions and announcements
process discussions
discussion documents

Continental America

continental america
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Latin America

agp latina
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North America

"Hardcore" (no off topic) organizing list for Peoples' Global Action (PGA) in North America:

To subscribe, send an e-mail message to with a blank subject line or visit If you are subscribing to pga-org, you are expressing your desire to be actively involved in communicating about the organization and building of the PGA network in North America. As well, you are expressing your agreement with the PGA Hallmarks.

General news and information list with posts that are of interest to members of the PGA network in North America:

If you want to subscribe to this list, send an e-mail message to or visit

FOUR Campaign listserves

In the effort to facilitate more organizing and networking amongst North American movements, we are setting up separate listserves that deal with the FOUR global PGA campaigns agreed on at the Cochabamba conference.

We hope these create more opportunities to make connections between local and global issues, and share ideas, skills, information and resources; and ideally coordinate our actions. This also allow us the chance to strategize within the wider campaign areas for focused campaigns we may want to develop. Please carefully consider which campaign area (interpreted broadly) your main work fits and join that listserve and let's start talking to each other!

Four campaigns developed from past campaigns:
(The intercontintal mailing lists for the sustained campaigns are no longer in use.)

  1. Campaign against state militarism, paramilitarism, and state terrorism. (including criminalization). To subscribe, send an email to
  2. Campaign for defense and recognition of self-determination of land sovereignty of all peoples.
  3. Campaign against all privatizations. To subscribe, send an email to
  4. Campaign on construction of alternative models to the capitalist system based on education and formation.


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