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From: Amirul Haque Amin
General Secretary
National Garments Workers Federation


Greetings from Bangladesh and National Garments Workers Federation.You know, We have called country-wide STRIKE in the garments sector on 1st July,01.In support of the coming strike we the National Garments Workers Federation had organised a demonstration on 1st is the news of the demonstration from one of our local english daily .

Garment Workers Strike-1st July
Garment workers call to meet 6-point demand

"" A red-flag procession was brought out yesterday in the city by National Garments Workers Federation(NGWF) urging the garments authorities to materialise their six-point demand immediately.
The procession was also intended to call upon the garments workers throughout the country to make the strike in all the garments industries of the country on July 1 a success.
NGWF leaders allegedly said that owners of the garments industries did not honour the agreement they had previously signed."Rather they seized our legal rights to form trade union and didnt enact the accord that included our demand of weekly holiday,minimum pay scale of tk 1800," they said at a brief rally near Paltan Crossing after the procession was over.
They said that had no alternatives other than to call a strike in the industries," So we urge all the workers to make the 1st July strike in the garments industries a success".
Presided over by NGWF president Alam Kabir,the rally was addressed by ,among others, General Secretary Amirul Haque Amin, central leaders Mrs Parul begum,Jahangir hossain,Miss Shahida Sarker,Ahiduzzaman,Mrs Nahar,Md Anwar,Miss Safia Pervin,Nurul Islam Nuru,Miss Nurun Nahar and Mrs Shahida Akter.
Advocate Abed Raja addressed the rally extending his support to the garment workers movement.""
The Independent,Dhaka,Saturday,2nd June,01

It is mentionable that - National Garments Workers Federation(NGWF) along with 6 other federations in the Banner of Bangladesh Garments Workers Unity Council(BGWUC) have called Strike in the whole garments sector in Bangladesh on 1st of July,01.This strike is for the realisation of their 6 points demands.These 6 points demands are :
(1)New wage structure for the garment workers on the basis of Minimum wage is Basic tk 1800/(unskill).(2)Ensure the health and Safety of the garments workers.(3)Necessary steps for the development and expansion of the garments industries and its markets.(4)Implementation of Trade Union Rights in the garments sector.Trade Union Rights for the EPZ workers.(5)Separate industrial zones for the garments industries.Coloni,schools and hospitals in the zones.(6)Implementation of M.O.U those were signed between the BGMEA and BGWUC on 1997 andd 2000(Appointment letter,Identity Card,Service Book,Weekly Holiday,Maternity Leave etc).

It is also mentionable that till now the minimum wage of the garment workers is tk 800.Owners do not allow the trade union right.BGMEA did not implement the M.O.U that was signed on 1997 between the BGMEA and BGWUC.

** In the Attached file the picture of NGWF,s red flag procession .
*** For the success of our struggle , we need your support and co-operation.

In solidarity
Amirul Haque Amin
General Secretary,NGWF
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