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Bangladesh: Garment workers Strike-2

Sun, 25 Aug 2002


Pls be inform that,

Bangladesh Garment Workers Unity Council (BGWUC) and National Garments Workers Federation (NGWF) are in a process to success the garment workers strike on 1st september,2002. Every day there are some processions in different garments industrial zones.BGWUC have published and distributed its first posters and first leaflets for the success of the strike.second posters of BGWUC also distributed and the second leaflets is distributing.Beside BGWUC , the NGWF have published its posters and leaflets . Every where garment workers are participating in the meetings and processions.The responses are every positive.BGWUC and NGWF , every day organizing meetings with other Trade union groups,women organizations and different professional group to gather their support.

BGMEA(Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Assocition) had called a meeting on 14th August with the componant organizations of BGWUC about its demands and strike. There were some general discussions.But there is no concrete result.

BGMEA have called 2nd meeting with BGWUC on 28th August.

BGWUC and NGWF will participate on the meeting but all the preparations for the strike are going on.

For the success of the strike Bangladeshi garment workers need your support, solidarity and cooperation.

In solidarity
Amirul Haque Amin
General Secretary, NGWF
Coordinator, BGWUC

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