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Garment workers Strike- 9 points


Greetings. I am sorry that- yet i did not informed you about the 9 points Agrrement between BGMEA and BGWUC. These 9 points are:

  1. labour law implementation
    1. BGMEA will take necessary steps for the providing of appointment letter and identity card for those factories workers - where management yet not provided.
    2. Weekly holiday and maternity holiday will be implement in those factories from 30th september,2002-those factories yet not implemented these.
    3. BGMEA will take necessary steps for the monthly payment and overtime payment of the workers within 7-10 of the next month-those factories are not paying in this time.
  2. health and safety
    To ensure the workers health and safety, section 20,22 and 34 ( concerning health & safety ) of factories act 1965 will be implement in those factories - where yet not implemented.
  3. Trade Union
    workers will be allow to form trade union in the factories.In absence of union, Perticipation committee may form.BGMEA will agree the decission of the govt about the formation of Trade union in E.P.Z,s.
  4. Service benifit
    1. Workers will enjoy service benefit( gratuity)according to law.
    2. Workers will get festival bonuses according to the convention.
    3. Workers will allow to enjoy the accident leave.
    4. BGMEa will encourage all garment owners to start provident fund for the workers.
  5. BGMEA will take necessary steps for the separate garment industrial zones.
  6. BGMEA will take necessary steps( jointly with govt,bgmea,workers) to face the global chalenges of the garment industries.
  7. BGMEA will write to the govt to form minimum wage board within 3 months to fixation of garment workers wages.After fixation of new wages, BGMEA will implement it.
  8. BGMEA will form a arbitration committee in Chitagong(2nd biggest garment area) to resolve the workers grivances as like as dhaka.
  9. A Agrrement Implementation Monitoring Committee will be set up immedietly with the equal participation of BGMEA and BGWUC.( in this committee a director of bgmea will be the chief )

In solidarity
Amirul Haque Amin
General Secretary, NGWF
Coordinator, BGWUC

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