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garment workers safety day - 27 th Dec, Bangladesh

Wed, 25 Dec 2002 20:09:02

In Bangladesh, garment workers will observe 27 th December,02 as " Garment Workers Safety Day".

On 27th December,1990, there was a fire in Saraka garment in Mirpur, Dhaka. On that fire 27 garment workers were died.From that time every year garment workers observed that day as "Saraka Day".

From 27th december,90 to now, 252 garment workers died and several thousands were injured in more than 50 fire in different garment factories in Bangladesh.

Last year 2001, several garment workers trade union federations took the decission to observe the 27 th December as "Garment Workers Safety Day". According to that decission , garment workers will observe the 27 th december,2002 as garment workers safety day.

Different organisations will observe the day in different manner including the NGWF and BGWUC.

It is mentionable that - in Bangladesh 1.6 garment workers are working in 3300 garment factories.Total products goes to the different developed countries. Fire is the one of main problems for the Bangladeshi garment sector and Safety is the one of the main important issue of the garment workers and garment workers trade union organisations.

We call our friends to send message on the occation of Garment Workers Safety Day.

In solidarity
Amirul Haque Amin
General Secretary
National Garments Workers Federation

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