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garment workers safety day - 27 th Dec, Bangladesh,observed

Fri, 27 Dec 2002 20:45:24

picture of the Human chain of NGWF

Garment Workers Safety Day observed in Bangladesh

Garment workers of Bangladesh today 27 th December observed the " Garment Workers Safety Day." According to the decission of some garment workers federations in last year 2001 , it was decided that every year the 27 th December will be observe as garment workers safety day. Before this decission, every year the 27 th december were observed as Saraka Day. On 27 th December,90, there was a fire in SARAKA garment factory on which 27 th workers were died.From 27 th december,90 to till now 252 garment workers died and several thousands were injured in more than 50 fires in different garment factories In Bangladesh.

On the occation of Garment Workers Safety Day, different garment workers organisations organised different programs.

National Garments Workers Federation

National Garments Workers Federation(NGWF) today 27 th december organised a Garment Workers Human Chain at 11 a.m. in front of the MUKTANGOAN, the center place of the capital city Dhaka. It was finished at 12 noon.

Garment workers from different garments including the women participated in the program.The participants carried different Pestuns as " save our life ", "Ensure the health & safety ", " dont kill us ".

The headline of the banner was " Save The Garment Workers From The Fire."

During the program , it was addressed among others Amirul Haque Amin,Kazi Mohammad Ali, Advocate Abed Raja, Miss Shahida Sarker, Mojibur Rahman Pintu, Miss Safia Pervin,Miss Nurun Nahar and Mrs Arifa Akter.

The speakers said that " The BGMEA and Govt. are not serious to save garment workers lives and to ensure their health & safety. Many garment owners are violating the laws concerning health & safety but the BGMEA or Govt. do not tacking necessary steps against these garment owners."

They also blamed that- "many of the garment owners made emergency exit in their factories only to eye wash the buyers and others peoples.These emergency exits are more dangarous and these are not possible to use in any accident."

The speakers urged the BGMEA and Govt. to ensure the garment workers health, safety and security.

On the occation of garment workers safety day some other organisations also organised different programs including the BGWUC,BAWF and BJGWF.

In solidarity
Amirul Haque Amin
General Secretary
National Garments Workers Federation

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