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Strike Suspended,Agreement


Greetings.Strike have Suspended.BGMEA have signed 6 points agreement with Bangladesh Garments Workers Unity Council.
These 6 points are :

  1. Renewable Identity card will be issued to every garments workers for a year within December,2000.
  2. The factories will be kept closed on Friday as weekly holiday.The decission will be implemented by October,2000.
  3. Maternity leave with salary will be implement in all factories within october,2000.
  4. BGMEA and Globe Kniting management will pay Tk 100000/ for each died workers.
  5. BGMEA will take all necessry steps to withdrawal cases and release of arrested workers who are victims in recent AKKOLATE fashion cases.
  6. The inclusion of workers representatives in the labour welfare committees was accepted on principle.

This agreement was signed at 8.30 pm on 10 th september.As a result of this agreement Strike have suspended.

Amirul Haque Amin
General Secretary
National Garments Workers Federation
12 th september.