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Sit in Strike of Domestic Workers


Greetings from Bangladesh. Yesterday 13 september, 2000 Domestic Workers Association,Bangladesh had organized a SIT IN STRIKE for half an hour . This program was started at 4 pm and was finished at 4.30 pm.It was held at MuktanGon in the central place of the Dhaka city.
During the sit in presided by Amirul Haque Amin the gatherting addressed among other Mrs Hasna Banu, Miss Shahida Sarker,Mrs Aklima, Mrs Marufa , Mrs Fatema and Mrs Sobi Akter.
The Speakers said that- Last month August 5 domestic workers killed, 15 Raped , 17 torchered, 7 smugled.But there is no proper action against these. They demanded to stop these inhuman torchured , rape , killing and smugle. They also mentioned that-Domestic workers do not have the recognition as workers. they do not have the legal rights and fixed wages and others facilities. The speakers demanded recognition of domestic workers as labour and they demanded fixed wages and legal rights for the domestic workers .
In the attached file the picture of the Sit in Strike.
In Solidarity
Amirul Haque Amin
Central Co-ordinator
Domestic Workers Association, Bangladesh