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Strike in Garments sector, Bangladesh,Torch Procession


20.10.2000 Garments Workers Silent Walkathan For Weekly Holiday
------- NGWF, Dhaka,Bangladesh

Today 20 th October,2000 Garments Workers of Bangladesh country wide observed PROTEST DAY against the dipriving of weekly holiday.On 13 th october,2000 National Garments Workers Federation had declared this day.According to the previous declaration garments workers today observed the day of protest.
As a central program of Protest Day at 4.30 p.m the federation brought out a Silent Walkathan with Black Flag & Mask.It was started from Muktangaon and was finished at purana paltan after parred the main streets of the city.
Before the Procession Presided by Alam Kabir the gathering was addressed among others Amirul Haque Amin, Advocate Abed Raja, Miss Shahida Sarker, Alamgir sikder, Mrs Parul Begum, Mojibor Rahman pintu,Mrs Lovly biswas, Mrs Arifa, Ohidujjaman and Miss NurunNahar.
The spekers said that- " weekly holiday is the legal rights of the garments workers according to the labour law, I.L.O conventions, human Rights Declarations, Bangladesh constitution and the Aggremeents.But many garments owners violating this law and dipriving the workers from their legal rights."
The speakers urged the government to take action against these garmens owners.
Similar tipe of programs also organised in the morning time of the day in the other garments industrial districts.
Next Program:
21 to 26 th October : Gate meetings
27 th October : Country wide Agitation Day.
For the success of the campaign and action for weekly holiday,Bangladeshi garments workers and NGWF need international suport and cco-operation.
**The picture is in the attached file.
In solidarity
Amirul Haque Amin
General Secretary
National Garments Workers Federation