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Human Chain Of Domestic Workers In Dhaka City
Domestic Workers Association, Bangladesh today 20 th September have organised a haman chain of domestic workers in Dhaka city.This program was started at 4 p.m and was finished at 5 p.m. Several houndreads of Domestic workers took part in this program from diffirent part of the city.They carried Festuns and Placards.It was organised near by the Bangladesh Secretariet.
This Human Chain mainly as a protest of Torture,Kidnape,Smuggle,rape and killing of domestic workers. And for the demand of recognization of domestics as workers and their legal rights with legal minimum wages.
Presided by Amirul Haque Amin in the human chain addressed among others Mrs Hasna Banu, Miss Shahida Sarker, Mrs Marufa, Ranu Begum, Miss Aklima,Mrs Nurjahan and Ohiduzzaman.
The speakers said that- in the last 1 and 1/2 month (August and 15 days of september) 19 domestic killed,21 smuggled, 25 serious tortured,17 raped.Even 5 years old NISHI daughter of a domestic workers(maid servant) burnt in the flame of cigarate and died by the house master .But there is no proper actions againsst these.They also mentioned that- Domestic worrkers are not recognize till now as worrkers. They do not have the legal rights and legal minimum wages.
The speakers demanded recognization , legal rights and legal minimum wages for the domestic workers. They also called the whole society to make ragistance against the rape, killing , kidnaping,torture and smuggle of domestic workers.
P.s. In the attached file the picture of the Human chain.

Amirul Haque Amin
Co-ordinator, Domestic Workers Association, Bangladesh