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Country wide Garments Workers Agitation Day


Greetings.According to the previous declaration, 27 th October was the "Country wide Garments Workers Agitation Day" for the weekly holiday.Here is the report of the Agitation Day from our Daily English Newspaper.The picture is in the attached file.
Amirul Haque Amin
General Secretary
National Garments Workers Federation

Garments Workers Burnt Of Effigies Of The Garments Owners For Weekly Holiday

Members of the National Garments Workers Federation yesterday burnt the effigies of the garments owners whom they termed violators of the Constitution and Law of the land.
Leaders of the federation at a rally at Muktangan demanded arrest and trial of the garments owners who,according to them,were violating the law of the land by denying garments workers right to weekly holiday.later the federation members brought out a protest procession from Muktangaon which returned there after parading through Baitul Mukarram, Gpo,Gulistan,Noor hossain square, Press club and Topkhana road.
President of the federation Alam Kabir presided at a brief rally before the procession,Advisor advocate Abed Raja,General Secretary Amirul Haque Amin,central leaders of the federation Mrs Parul begum,Miss Shahida Sarker, Mrs lovely Biswas, Ohidujjaman, Mojibor Rahman Pintu, Mrs Arifa spoke, among others.
The speakers said as per the article 15 of the Constitution every worker has the right to rest and weekly holiday. They said the right to weekly holiday was also ensured in the Clause 14 of the I.L.O. Convention. They demanded immediate arrest of the owners of garments factories who were forcing the workers to work on weekly holiday.
The speakers urged the government, BGMEA and Buying houses to help implement weekly holiday in the garments factories.

THE INDEPENDENT , Dhaka , Saturday 28 th October 2000.