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Fire, 12 died, Protest


An Hour long STOP WORK ON 2 SEP.2000

National Garments Workers federation have declared an hour long stop work on 2nd september, 2000 in the whole garments sector in Bangladesh. It is for the demanding of the safety & Security of the garments workers.
Yesterday 29 th september NGWF declared this action program.NGWF had organized a protest and condolence rally at 11 am in the city on memory of the 12 died workers.Before the rally the speakers also demanded Compensation tk 200000 for each died workers and tk 50000 for each injured workers.they also demanded arrest of the Garment owner of the GLOBE Garment.
The speakers claimed from 1990, near 200 workers died in the fire, several thousands have injured and several houndread fire accident have happened.
They also blaimed the government that- Government did not taken proper action against these and they did not taken proper action to stop these.
The speaker also mentioned that- garments owners did not take care for the workers.
The speakers added that - according to the law maximum working hour is 10( 8 + 2 ). But the management of the Globe garments ran the factory 8 am to whole day and night.They also mentioned according to the law Woman work is prohabited after 8 p.m but the mangement of the globe garment forched to the women workers to work whole night and that is reason 10 women workers died at 3 a.m.
The speaker urged to the government to take care and proper action to insure the safety and security of the garments workers.

The rally was finished at Paltan after parred the main streets of the city.The picture is in the attached file.

Amirul Haque Amin
General Secretary
National garments Workers federation