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Greetings from National Garmentss Workers Federation and Bangladesh. There is aa news of Conpiracy of relocaation of Jikon Garment with out any compensation or discussion with the Jikon garment,s workers.
300 workers of Jikon Garments are in protest against the conspiracy of relocation of the factory from Dhaka to Gazipur.
New factory is 60 km far away from the old factory place.
These workers are working more than 7 years in the jikon factory in dhaka.But recently maanaagement iss trying to relocaate it from dhakaa to Gazipur . Maanaagement did not discussed any thing with the workers about this relocation.
300 workers are not interested to join in the new place .they are demanding their compensation. but no response .
Against of this conspiracy National Garments Workers Federation had organized a protest demonstration on 30.06.2000.
Pls see the attached file.
In solidarity
Amirul Haque Amin
General Secretary
National Garments Workers Federation