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First Intercontinental Encounter For Humanity and against Neoliberalism

In July of 1996 4,000 people gathered in camps constructed by the Mexican rebel army known as the EZLN (or Zapatistas) in the state of Chiapas in the mountains and jungle of the Lacandon Jungle. We had been invited there some months previously and many of us had previously attended continental and national gatherings. We came from some 43 countries to discuss just what was wrong with modern capitalism and what sort of society we wanted. All too aware of the mistakes of the past we were also there to discuss why previous anti-capitalist movements had failed and how a new movement could exist that would avoid these mistakes. Below are some of the reports, statements and declarations in English of those that attended this gathering.






This first series of declarations were issued by the EZLN as invites to the conferences and background information about them.

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