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Attempted eviction of Barcelona occupied space

During the encounter the council announced they intended to evict one of the squats that was being used to hold meetings in. All the international delegates along with many people from Barcelona took part in a protest march against this and the council announced it was backing down, for the moment

Squatting is one of the forms the fight against the neoliberalism adopts in Europe, attacking a pillar of the imperant basic order: private property. It consists in getting in houses and locals that are abandoned, to obtain housing and free self-managed spaces to developped activities (talks, reunions, workshops,...) outside the political order, and also to resist in front of the uniform political order and to carry out an alternative political and cultural project, as an alternative way of life.

La Vakeria (The Cowshed) is a squatter-house and at the same time a group of people who's activities (cultural, political, personal relationship...) take place in this space. It is located in the outskirts of Barcelona, in L'Hospitalet, a city in the industrial belt, which grew in the 60s-70s in a wild way. The Vakeria has been occupied the first of February of 1992, more than 5 years ago.During this time the activities have been countless, and the relations with other rebel groups (solidarity groups, groups of support for imigrants, of self-management, neo-rurals, other squatter- houses, groups for persons who refuse to do the military or community service) have been intensive and enrichening, forming a little ring of support that has consolidated itself along this five years.

La Vakeria participates in the II Encounter for the humanity and against neoliberalism, specifically takes part in the organising assembly of the Baix Llobregat, and some acts at this head-assembly will take place in it. But the 23rd of July we received a judicial notification, which communicadted us that the police will clear the house in a week, this means the 30th of July.

The disloding is expected for the days we will be celebrating the II Encounter, the neoliberism through his political-judicial instruments attacks in a moment of great simbolism, that's why we ask for your solidarity and your support to manage to stop the dislodging by means of a popular mobilization.

If you want to colaborate, you can send your protest-fax to the Juzgado de Primera Instancia nº 3 in L'Hospitalet, Barcelona: Fax Nr. ++3-337-53-13 or ++3-337-55-52 (please send a fax to both numbers)

For protest-faxes to the Town Hall of L'Hospitalet, dial Fax Nr. ++3-337-61-77 and ++3-261-23-13 e.mail:

We call you to a celebration - demonstration on the 29th at 20:30 hours in the Casa de la ReconciliaciÛn and will end in the VakerÌa with a party-concert. The day after, the 30th of July at 8:00 am we will bring us together in La VakerÌa to stop the dislodging.


A set of photographs of the demonstration

A second set of photographs of the demonstration

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