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Genoa, July 12-15 2001

Most people organise around the Social Centre Terra di Nessuno (land of noone). There is some infrastructure here : kitchen, camping space, computer etc). The SC is about 15 minutes from the centre. Take bus no35 (not 35 slash because it/ll take u to the mountains) at the principal square in front of the pharmacy. Get off at the stadium Lagacchio. It's in the west of the city!


Anarchist Demonstration, June 9

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PGA meeting in genua - Cochabamba and more

Ya basta announced a European PGA meeting in Genua for July 12th-15th (with roundtables on July 12th and 13th , a general meeting on 14th and 15th. This meeting will be an opportunity to share analysis and finalize input for Cochabamba including discussions about new convenors and European delegation. Talking to a member of yabasta yesterday, this person told me that they need feedback in order to be logistically better prepared in a situation of a lot of political tension as you can imagine. So if you plan to participate please feedback to and/or as I will be helping out with the meeting. If people are planning to prepare other roundtables please announce them on this list.

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hope to hear more from you all
see u in Genua

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meeting in Genoa about Colombia during PGA meeting
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Dear all

just wanted to remind you that ya basta announced a PGA European meeting from July 12th-15th. With roundtables on the 12th,13th and a general meeting on July 14th and 15th in Genoa.

One of the roundtables on the 12th and 13th will be dedicated to Colombia and the convergence process of European groups with movements like the black communities, Uwas, indigenous, farmers in continuation of the work that has been going on since Prag, which has involved different Tours and direct actions in several countries.

The roundtable will be mainly about evaluating the work that has been done so far and discuss steps to keep coordinating our efforts against the war on peoples movements in the whole andean region in the name of capitalist development. Keep in mind this will be one the top topics in Cohabamba where several organisations and movements from the region will be present.

if you plan to take part in this roundtable please give us a short feedback at in order to prepare some logistical things better.

see you in Genoa

encuentro en Genua sobre Colombia

hola amig@s

les recuerdo que del 12-15 de Julio habra en encuentro Europeo de AGP (Accion Global de los Pueblos) en Genua convocado por YA Basta! (

El 12+ 13 de Julio habran diferentes mesas redondas
El 14+15 es la reunion general de AGP

Una de esas mesas redondas (12+13)sera dedicada al tema de Colombia siguiendo el trabajo que se ha estado avanzando en el margen de la gira de las comunidades negras, indigenas y campesinas de los ultimos meses, asi como las diferentes acciones y actividades que se han organisado en diferentes paises. Esta sera una buena oportunidad para seguir coordinando nuestros esfuerzos con los movimientos Colombianos y de la region andina.

Les recuerdo tambien que la reunion de AGP prevista en Cochabamba/Bolivia en Septiembre reunira a muchas organisaciones y movimientos latinoamericanos y del mundo entero - y uno de los temas principales sera de coordinar esfuerzos contra la intervencion en toda la region.

La gente que quiere participar en la reunion por favor escribir a para poder organisar la logistica de la reunion en genua.


Kolumbien Treffen in Genua

In genua findet ein Europäisches Treffen von Peoples Global Action statt ( vom 12-15. Juni.
Am 12.+13. sollen Roundtables (Arbeitskreise) und am 14.+15. das General Meeting.
Am 12.+13. wird es einen Arbeitskreis zu Kolumbien geben, um weitere Schritte in der Vernetzung mit den Bewegungen aus Kolumbien und den Anden zu besprechen etc.

Am. 11. wird es bereits ein Auswertungstreffen geben der Arbeit die bislang gemacht wurde, im Rahmen der Touren mit den schwarzen gemeinscfaten, Uwas, ANUC UR usw so wie die verschiedenen Aktionen die bislang durchgeführt wurden.

wenn ihr am diesem und/oder am PGA Treffen teilnehmen wollt, bitte meldet euch bei damit wir Logistisches besser vorbereiten können.


Agenda Proposal

**11th July

this meeting is for "the informal groups". The idea is looking for a more long term project, where the Colombian plan is the medium and short term. Looking the Andian plan as the image of the real brutality of the capitalist...For me it is more than an evaluation. It is the political discussion on what are the goals we are looking for. There was a letter from december explaining this better and deeper: speaking about the space of no power and so on.
I could define this meeting as the internal and political meeting of non authoritarian, anticapitalist, etc. people with more or less the same political line. The informal networks where we normaly move. No political parties, no NGOs, no authoritarian groups, etc, etc.

*** 12th July

Wider meeting with organization working in Colombia. In Belgium a proposal of a list of organization to be invited was done. I don't have it here. Till I remember the idea was:
Transnational Institute
Oxfam Belgium??
the people organizing the caravan in the Spanish State.
Enviromental Groups.
Migrant groups

The main objective of this meeting would be to speak about the future cooperation. Explore our commun things and look for coordination (comunication, which things to do together in the future, evaluation and so on)

***13th July

Public Meeting. The idea in Brussels was to have a public meeting with some speech.
discussion after the speeches. Questions and so on.

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