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Activities of National Garment Workers Federation 2001

Biennal council and election

Biennal council and election of the federation was held on 2nd January' 2001. Delegates from affiliated unions and committees took part in the council and election. In the council, the delegates decide some important principles and tactics. At the same time, executives of the federation were elected for 2001 and 2002. Advocates Adeb Raja, the chiev advisor was the convenor, Mr Nirmol Rojario was the member secretary and Mr Shadon kumar Dey was the member of the Election sub-committee. A 30 member executive committee including Mr Alam Kabir - president, Mrs Parul Begum - senior vice president, Amirul Haque Amin - General Secretary, Miss Safia Parvin - treasurer and Miss Runa Akter - office secretary was elected. After that Alam Kabir resigned from president post because of his illness and his personal & famoly limitations. Now senior vice president Mrs. Parul Begum is acting as president.

New branch Office

In September' 2001 NGWF opened its new branch office in Chittagong. Now the number of branch offices is: 3 including the Chittagong.

Factory Committee

In 2001, registration of factory union in garment sector was restricted by the unwritten order of past government. So NGWF could not formed any new union in 2001. But 16 factory committees were formed in 2001. Total membership of these new committees is: 240.

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