N30 Seattle
Protest against the 3rd WTO Ministerial
Global Action Day
November 30 1999


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Infernal Noise Brigade

Seattle is only the beginning...
Date: Dec 01 1999 12:51:41 EST
From: MWMorrill

While the events unfolding in Seattle are historic, let us not forget that this is a global movement. The tens of thousands of people in the Seattle streets were joined by people in communities around the world. I have heard about a few of them--taking over an airline terminal, confrontations with police, small demos with a couple of dozen people--and all of them are important. Two dozen people who care enough to pass out flyers to holdiay shoppers have involved themselves enough to begin creating a community network which, when linked to other local networks, can evolve into a movement. I've heard too many people complain that their local actions were insignificant, when nothing can be further from the truth. Don't play the media's numbers game.

In Pennsylvania, there were tow actions yesterday, involving hundreds of people. In the Scranton/ Wilkes-Barre area, hundreds of textile workers rallied in sub-freezing temperatures to support the N30 agenda.

In Philadelphia, 150 activists rallied outside the Banana Republic Superstore. When the weather go too cold, they went inside the store and held their news conference, while stunned Banana Republic workers and Philly police looked on.

These small actions may not have the international impact of the actions in Seattle, but they are the local manifestations of the beginning of a true global resistance to corporate domination.

Cherish these small actions, and remember that the Battle in Seattle is only the first round in a prolonged war against the powers that want to rule our lives.

Michael Morrill

P.S.- See you in Philadelphia on July 30.

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"Using armored vehicles, tear gas — which even made the delegations staying in hotels queasy — and, on top of that, pepper gas. Brutal methods, dragging people through the streets. Six hundred arrested. What would happen if such behavior took place in Cuba? What would they say if they saw an army, the National Guard, occupying the city? Tons of masked men with horrifying outfits to scare people, thousands of police in all directions, men being dragged, horses and other animals to attack people? They would say that it was a flagrant and massive violation of human rights and that, therefore, they had to use the NATO formula to conduct a 'humanitarian' intervention."

-Fidel Castro, receiving the Cuban delegation upon its return from Seattle